Just updated PDFNet.framework to 6.2.1 When I edit a doc with text fields in the PDFViewCtrl and then save it with

    NSData *pdfData = [pdfViewCtrl.GetDoc SaveToBuf:e_linearized];

all field values get saved except the one that has focus.

Recently (on v6.1.0 or smth) I used to do the following

    [pdfViewCtrl setTool:nil];

now there's the toolManager instead of tool property, but it throws exception "pdfViewCtrl Is Nil" when I try to

    [toolManager setTool:nil];

How do I fix it so that all fields including focused one are saved ?


You can use

[toolManager changeTool:[PanTool class]];


[toolManager setTool:[[PanTool alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:myPDFViewCtrl]];
  • Thanks, that helped – azeml Sep 14 '14 at 12:43

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