In standard linq when I use lambdas I can do the following:

var x = _usersService.GetAll().OrderBy(u => u.LastName).ThenBy(u => y.FirstName).ThenBy(u => u.UserId)

My question is how can I do that when I'm using System.Linq.Dynamic dll? I know I can do:

var x = _usersService.GetAll().OrderBy("LastName")

but how can I define additional order by clauses???


You can use comma.

var x = _usersService.GetAll().OrderBy("LastName,FirstName,UserId")

You can also add desc or descending to order by descending.

var x = _usersService.GetAll().OrderBy("LastName desc,FirstName desc,UserId")
  • This is it. Thanks! – Marko Sep 12 '14 at 20:22

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