I am trying to get the estimated population for the next five years but I want an integer as the answers since we don't have a fraction of a person. I do understand that the remainder of lost people add up eventually however I don't know how to add up all the lost people and add them to each year's population. Can someone help?

#Current population
#One birth every 7 seconds
#One death every 13 seconds
#One new immigrant every 45 seconds
#Remainder of Left Out People
#Change Per Year

pop1=round(c+r, 0)
pop2=round((pop1+c+(r*2)), 0)
pop3=round((pop2+c+(r*3)), 0)
pop4=round((pop3+c+(r*4)), 0)
pop5=round((pop4+c+(r*5)), 0)
print(pop1, pop2, pop3, pop4, pop5)
  • In your haste to ask your first question (welcome to Stack Overflow!), you forgot to take the Introductory Tour. You also forgot to mention which programming language this is. – usr2564301 Sep 12 '14 at 22:47
  • I recommend you do exact division. If you want you can do rounding when you actually print the values, but it's not really necessary, IMO. – PM 2Ring Sep 13 '14 at 3:20

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