I'm trying to remove all punctuation from a string using

String.replace(sentence, ~r[\p{P}\p{S}], "")

However it's not removing all punctuation! As an illustrative example:

iex(1)> String.replace("foo!&^%$?", ~r[\p{P}\p{S}], "")

What should I be using?


Possibly need /.../ as pattern delimiters:

String.replace("foo!&^%$?", ~r/[\p{P}\p{S}]/, "")

The result could be explained, because else [ ] would be used as delimiters in your sample, which corresponds to \p{P}\p{S} as a sequence and results in foo!? (see regex101 example)

Would additionally add a + quantifier: ~r/[\p{P}\p{S}]+/

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    This regex will also remove hypens as well such as co-operative. @Jonny5 are you able to update your reg ex to not remove hyphens? – BenMorganIO Jun 23 '16 at 23:04

If you're only working with strings in English, it's easiest and clearest to just use POSIX character classes:

String.replace("foo!&^%$?", ~r/[[:punct:]]/, "")

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