I'm writing SNTP client for windows in haskell. Here is the snippet that throws Exception: mallocPlainForeignPtrBytes: size must be >= 0, namely recv function does:

getResponse :: HostName -> IO (Maybe String)
getResponse server = withSocketsDo $ do
    s <- socket AF_INET Datagram defaultProtocol
    setRecvTimeout s waitingTime
    host <- getHostByName server
    let hostAddress = head $ hostAddresses $ host
    connect s (SockAddrInet sntpPort hostAddress)
    sendAll s requestPacket
    response <- timeout (-1) (recv s 1024)
    return $ BC.unpack <$> response 

The main problem is that timeout does not really prevent sockets from blocking. Also setSocketOption didn't work for me and setRecvTimeout works, but recv throws an exception when connected to invalid server. So how do I timeout recv properly?

I do not want to handle this exception with try-catch since it's not really a functional way, and I'm sure there must be much more simple and elegant way to do it.

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    I would wrap the setRecvTimeout solution to obtain a more "functional" primitive. Please note that timeout does not guarantee atomicity: the timeout might trigger after the recv has received the data but before it is actually returned. In that case, your timeout may return Nothing and the message is lo longer in the OS socket queue.
    – chi
    Commented Sep 13, 2014 at 12:09
  • In what way would you wrap it, to be concrete? My timeout here does nothing, just wraps result in Just. I tried using it with the actual timing, not -1, but it was just stuck when there was no reply from the server. Atomicity is not necessary since if server is responsive, result usually bounces immediately.
    – Tony I.
    Commented Sep 13, 2014 at 14:01


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