I've created GitLab project by cloning remote repository. During a few days my colleagues pushed their commits to the original repository (not GitLab). Now I did 'git fetch --all' from GitLab repository but commits do not show in GitLab web UI. What should I do to resync GitLab project with its repository? Is there rake task for that? I can't simply recreate the project as we already imported issues from an external source, created labels, milestones, etc.


There is no GitLab feature to fetch the upstream updates. What you did was import an already existing repository, and that is a one time feature.

But you can fetch the upstream updates into your local repository, then push them to GitLab. You'll need to add the orginial/upstream repo as a remote to your local repository by running git remote add upstream {path to original repo}, then fetch the upstream repos by running git fetch upstream, then merge git merge upstream/master, then git push master origin.

GitHub has a decent help section on adding the upstream remote, and doing the merge.

  • Thanks. I already solved my problem by manual execution of update hook (commit by commit) – Fedor Sep 13 '14 at 15:17
  • that worked nicely. thumbs up – Ghost Worker Nov 17 '16 at 9:43

Only the EE version of GitLab has the repository mirroring feature which supports automatically pulling down updates from the import source repository.

If you are using the free CE version, you'll have to manually update or create a custom process.

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