example mysql table named "Profile" data as below

user_id | max_capacity
100          3
101          5
103          10

another mysql table named "Active" data as below

user_id | active_capacity
101          7
103          5

please note table "Active" column - active_capacity is dynamic its values are changing every second by another script.

I want to determine if my user_id #101 has hits/over the active_capacity of its allowed max_capacity which is 5 in "Profile" table. Please note the "Active" table showing that user_id #101 its active_capacity is 7 now.

I would like to to define maximum hit value like $hit=2 if my user_id #101 hits/over its max_capacity for first time then I want to store its value into another table named "Danger"

storing the user_id #101 because its active_capacity is 7 now which is over its max_capacity

mysql table "Danger" data as below

user_id | hits
101          1

after 5 minute the user_id #101 its active_capacity in mysql table "Active" decrease down to 4

after another 5 minutes the user_id #101 its active_capacity in mysql table "Active" increase up to 10 so here I want to update the "Danger" table user_id #101 column hits to "2"

please note: i want to update the "danger" table column hits value only after the active_capacity from "Active table" decrease down and again its active_capacity value increase up and hits/over its max_capacity value from "Profile" table

this script will work from cron jobs. I need advise, what is most efficient way to achieve the above goal.


  • You mention things like "Danger table", "hits column", and time variation, and yet do not describe what these actually look like. Sep 14, 2014 at 11:58
  • please see each table example data below of each table named like "mysql table "Danger" data as below"..
    – Sahed
    Sep 14, 2014 at 12:09

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You can use MySQL's on duplicate key update functionality to do this as one statement. This assumes user_id is a primary key on the Danger table. The SQL also assumes user_id is unique on the other two tables:

insert into Danger (
    user_id, hits
) select
    p.user_id, 1
    Profile p
        inner join
    Active a
        on a.user_id = p.user_id
    a.active_capaciy > p.max_capacity
on duplicate key update set
    hits = hits + 1;

Example SQLFiddle

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