We are using RavenDB in our project and we have a search panel that let users search documents using different criteria. Take a building age for example.These input data are sent from out web client in query string and I have to translate them to Lucene syntax in order to get the result from RavenDB but I am thinking that it would be easier for me to rely on Raven Linq Provider to do this job for me then instead of having :

Age_Range : [Ix5 TO NULL]

I can have :


Then all I have to do is to convert this string into a lambda expression.

What I am doing right now is to compile a code like this :

public class BuildingQueryBuilderXYZ:IQueryBuilder<Building>
     public IRavenQueryable<Building> BuildQuery(IDocumentSession session)
           return session.Query<Building>().Where(b=>b.Age>=5);  

And it is working but I have to compile an assembly for each request which is not an efficient way of searching the database.

If I could find a way to convert this string b=>b.Age>=5 into a lambda expression I think my problem would be solved :)


Well I found Dynamic Linq Library that somehow does what I'd like to do but it has its own syntax (not the same as linq). Here's an example :

var query = session.Query<Person>().Where("Age <= 11 And Age >= 5"); 

and it is working :)

UPDATE : if I wanted to write the same in Lucene syntax it would be : Age_Range : [Ix5 TO Ix11] . And I means integer here which means that I have to know the type in order to generate a correct query but in the first version all I care is that Age is a number and I leave it to RavenDB Linq Provider to do the magic for me :)

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