I installed Vim 7.4 in a Windows 8 machine and it was working fine. After installing all plugins in my .vimrc, GVIM crashed and it wouldn't open again. I could manage to use VIM from cmd but not without some errors. My first try was to reeinstall GVIM completely. After reinstalling, it worked fine but if I also reinstall my plugins it would crash and not open again. What should I do?


I removed all plugins and installed one by one until I got the error, which was with the Ultisnips plugin. I happen to know that this plugin requires VIM with Python support, which my VIM probably wouldn't have. To test this, run vim --version and look for a +python (or run echo has("python") from inside GVIM and look for a output of 1). In my case, it was -python, which was confusing, since I have Python installed. According to this answer, you need to install Python after installing VIM, so I did it and it worked.

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