I really don't get the right solution.

My standard img replace code is:

preg_replace('~\[img](.*?)\[/img\]~s','<img src="$1" />',$text);

Of course it works. But im trying to replace the bbcode if width and height is set. But thats optional, so it should work also if only 1 dimension is set or nothing.

The bbcode looks like: [img=12x12]link of the image[/img]

So the bbcode should look like:

 preg_replace('~\[img=(.*?)x(.*?)\](.*?)\[/img\]~s','<img width="$1" height="$2" src="$3" />',$text);

I guess I got it wrong. Anybidy knows how to solve this?

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Try this regex:

preg_replace('~\[img=?(\d+)?x?(\d+)?\](.*?)\[/img\]~s','<img width="$1" height="$2" src="$3" />',$text);

The way you coded it, it wouldn't match all 3 cases you wanted: [img], [img=NN], and [img=NNxNN]. It would only match in the case both dimensions were provided.


Your regexp should definitely work. I would have used \d+ though which makes sure the value exists and are of numeric type:


What error are you getting with your code, or rather, what string are you expecting to match but you don't?

  • @user3904923 did this help any or do you want more help? Sep 15, 2014 at 18:15
  • Actually it does. Thanks for your help. I didnt say it was wrong, it just didnt managed it like it should. But The other regex seems to work. :)
    – w a v e z
    Sep 15, 2014 at 18:45

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