I'm new to GUI application development in Python. I'm using PySide to develop a GUI. I need help with passing parameters across two threads. I know how to use custom Signals and Slot mechanism.

I wish to transmit a list from my second thread to my main thread.

Python pseudo code (I wish to send a list correction_values from my second thread to the main thread):

---main thread----
self.connect(self.Tests_Start, SIGNAL("Test1_Passed()"), self.StartThread_Test1_Passed, Qt.DirectConnection)
def StartThread_Test1_Passed(self, values):
   for value in values:


---second thread----
def Tests()
   self.emit(SIGNAL("Test1_Passed()"), correction_values) # Is this way possible?

You can use new-style emit & signal. It's easy than old-style. Your just create signal object;

class QCustomWidget (QtCore.QWidget):

    # create a new signal name 'Test1_Passed' and argument 'object' (Anything)
    Test1_Passed = QtCore.Signal(object)

    def __init__ (self):

Next, connect signal by use 'connect';


check your function is pass variable;

def StartThread_Test1_Passed (self, values):

Last, use 'emit' signal;

correction_values = ['1', '2', '3'] # List data-type

Also you can read this document to more information.

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