Suppose we have a HIVE table like this

 name id age

 jones 12 34
 george joseph 13 45
 bush 15 23

Now i want to output this hive table to csv and pipe separated file. I followed steps in How do I output the results of a HiveQL query to CSV?.

 hive -e 'select books from table' | sed 's/[[:space:]]\+/,/g' > /home/lvermeer/temp.csv

But its working this these

      name    id     age
      jones   12     34
      george  joseph 13  45
      bush    15     23

I want george joseph to be in 1 column. Since george joseph contains middle spaces, its outputting to next column. How to resolve this problem ??


In case your query doesnt contain join or so criterias then You could easily get the data from the corresponding HDFS location. The data would be |(pipe) seperated as per the delimiters mentioned.


Hive columns are separated by '\t', assuming "george" and "joseph" are separated by space, you don't have any problems. You can check out separators with vim, just type :set list. Tabs would be marked as ^I

To view output file, you can use, for example, LibreOffice Calc, but you have to be sure, that you are using as delimiters only tabs, not spaces

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