After implementing the Custom Conversation Manager in the spring web flow using this post and post url is http://forum.spring.io/forum/spring-projects/web/web-flow/119955-spring-webflow-2-working-with-persistent-conversation-data.The values are persisting in the database successfully.

Now issue is that when user explicitly logging out from the application, logout screen display, but the URI still containing the expired, ended and invalidated conversation Id and when user again try to log in the same window, he/she getting NoSuchConversationException exception(see below code).

Class where I am getting Exception:

 public class PersistentConversationManager implements ConversationManager, Serializable{
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

PersistentConversationHelper persistentConversationHelper;

public Conversation beginConversation(ConversationParameters conversationParameters)
        throws ConversationException {

    ConversationId convId = new SimpleConversationId(UUID.randomUUID());
    persistentConversationHelper.createConversation(new PersistentConversation(convId, conversationParameters.getName()));

    return getConversation(convId);

public Conversation getConversation(ConversationId id) throws ConversationException {
    if (PersistentConversationHolder.holdsConversation(id)) {
        // we already loaded the conversation for the calling thread
        return PersistentConversationHolder.getConversation(id);
    else {
        // load the conversation
        com.csc.cscip.ux.model.WebFlowConversation webFlowConversation = persistentConversationHelper.readConversation(id);
        **if (webFlowConversation == null) {                
            throw new NoSuchConversationException(id);

        PersistentConversation conversation = new PersistentConversation(webFlowConversation);

        // cache it for the calling thread
        return conversation;            

Exception in log trace:

2014-09-10 13:17:33,318 [http-bio-9090-exec-9] DEBUG org.springframework.webflow.scope.RequestScope  - Returning scoped instance 'httpServletResponse'
2014-09-10 13:17:33,999 [http-bio-9090-exec-9] ERROR com.csc.cscip.ux.common.webflow.persistance.PersistentConversationManager  - [ exception code < 2MFC3 > thrown < getConversation > exception message No conversation could be found with id '5e06bded-e3e4-42a5-8f70-f69c59f42ba6' 

-- perhaps this conversation has ended? with params 5e06bded-e3e4-42a5-8f70-f69c59f42ba6, ] org.springframework.webflow.conversation.NoSuchConversationException: No conversation could be found with id '5e06bded-e3e4-42a5-8f70-f69c59f42ba6' -- perhaps this conversation has ended?

Currently I am trying to restart the flow when I am getting NoSuchConversationException exception but not able to succeed :(

Now how can i handle this issue/scenario?

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