I want to remove all type of brackets character (example: [],(),{}) in string by using java.

I tried using this code:

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replaceAll("(","");
test = test.replaceAll(")","");

But it's not working, help me please.

  • You have to add \* before *( Try this... String test = "watching tv (at home)"; test = test.replaceAll("\(","").replaceAll("\)",""); Jul 21, 2017 at 6:38

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The first argument of replaceAll takes a regular expression.

All the brackets have meaning in regex: Brackets are used in regex to reference capturing groups, square brackets are used for character class & braces are used for matched character occurrence. Therefore they all need to be escaped...However here the characters can simply be enclosed in a character class with just escaping required for square brackets

test = test.replaceAll("[\\[\\](){}]","");

To remove all punctuation marks that include all brackets, braces and sq. brackets ... as per the question is:

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replaceAll("\\p{P}","");
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    @MuhammadHaryadiFutra Be careful this solution removes also symbols like ., ,, ;, etc.
    – jeojavi
    Sep 15, 2014 at 17:08
  • this just don't remove brackets but also other characters like "/" and "-". etc (16180856-04-20170407-ad/wav/D104) changed to 161808560420170407adwavD104
    – Adnan Ali
    Jun 7, 2017 at 11:55
  • @AdnanAli please read the answer correctly if you miss that then read the comment above your :) Jun 8, 2017 at 18:09
  • This removes other symbols too. So if someone uses this without knowing that, it might cause major issues Sep 2, 2020 at 16:40

The first argument passed to the replaceAll() method should be a regular expression. If you want to match those literal bracket characters you need to escape \\(, \\) them.

You could use the following to remove bracket characters. Unicode property \p{Ps} will match any kind of opening bracket and Unicode property \p{Pe} matches any kind of closing bracket.

String test = "watching tv (at home) or [at school] or {at work}()[]{}";
test = test.replaceAll("[\\p{Ps}\\p{Pe}]", "");
System.out.println(test); //=> "watching tv at home or at school or at work"

You need to escape the bracket as it will be treated as part of a regex

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replaceAll("\\(","");
test = test.replaceAll("\\)","");

Also to remove all brackets try

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replaceAll("[\\(\\)\\[\\]\\{\\}]","");
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    "\(" will cause a compilation error as it is not a valid escape character. "\\(" is what is needed
    – zero_dev
    Sep 15, 2014 at 16:55

You can use String.replace instead of String.replaceAll for better performance, as it searches for the exact sequence and does not need regular expressions.

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replace("(", " ");
test = test.replace(")", " ");
test = test.replace("[", " ");
test = test.replace("]", " ");
test = test.replace("{", " ");
test = test.replace("}", " ");

If you are working with texts I recommend you to replace the brackets with an empty space to avoid words joining together: watching tv(at home) -> watching tvat home


subject =StringUtils.substringBetween(subject, "[", "]")


String list= '[{121223123123123123}]';

String accountlist= list.replaceAll("[\[\]]","");

In this case I am removing [ ] from a string.

Output : String list= '{121223123123123123}';


For removing Brackets and other punctuations from the String you can use

String test = "watching tv (at home)"; 
test = test.replaceAll("\\p{P}","");

But if are you are intending for numbers only Phone Number, the below will be useful:

test = test.replaceAll("\\D+", "");

it will remove all non digit characters from the string.

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