I have an app that uses a combination of storyboards and GLKViews that is targeting ios7. In Xcode 6 with the iPhone 6 simulator target, everything scales up correctly to fit the larger screen size. The app thinks it is running on a 320 x 568 screen but everything scales including some GLKView objects.

If I switch to the iPhone 6 Plus simulator, everything but the GLKView objects scale up correctly. The GLKView objects are rendered unscaled. For a full screen (0,0,320,568) rectangle GLKView object, I need to use the following rectangle for it to fill the screen approximately right:

CGRectMake(0, 568 - 854, 480, 854)

480 = 1242 (native screen res) / 2x (2x retina emulator) / (414 / 320)

414/320 is the scaling done by the OS to stretch the app.

It seems like Apple just forgot to scale the GLKViews for the iPhone 6 Plus for some reason.

Has anyone seen this or have a workaround? Beyond the rendering, the touchPoint need some sort of coordinate translation to work as well.

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    This post: stackoverflow.com/questions/25824333/… Gives a good hint. The contentScale of the GLKViews is wrong. They are 2x scaled instead of 3x scale. So you need to add a 1.5x scaling factor for anything you put in draw in the GLKView for iPhone6+ in the simulator. – Werner Sharp Sep 15 '14 at 19:59
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    The way to fix this for iOS8 is to use the "nativeScale" property instead of "scale" on UIScreen. nativeScale is 3x while scale is 2x. – Werner Sharp Sep 19 '14 at 13:26

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