I have created a new GIT repository in my server at /home/myuser/.git/project.git. I found ssh key for git from C:\Users\Toshiba\.ssh\github_rsa.pub & appended with server's authorized_keys file.

when i try to do git clone using ssh it fails as below.

$ git clone ssh://myuser@mysite.net:2888/home/myuser/.git/project.git

Cloning into 'project'...
Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Could you please help me in resolving this issue.


If your public/private key doesn't have the standard name C:\Users\Toshiba\.ssh\id_rsa(.pub), but C:\Users\Toshiba\.ssh\github_rsa.pub, then you need an ssh config file

Host mysite
   Hostname mysite.net
   User myuser
   Port 2888
   IdentityFile C:\Users\Toshiba\.ssh\github_rsa.pub 

That would allow you to do

git clone mysite:/home/myuser/.git/project.git

Test it first wih ssh -Tvvv mysite, and then ssh mysite ls.

Make sure the environment variable %HOME% is defined to C:\Users\Toshiba

You have another example in "SSH error on push to an existing project Permission denied (publickey)"

  • thanks. let me try and get back to you – logan Sep 16 '14 at 6:45

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