I am trying to play an audio file (MP3 in this case) with an HTML Audio tag on a Chrome browser running on Android. The same page used on a desktop Chrome works perfectly. The play action is triggered from a user click event (noticed other questions about this).

Here is the HTML for the audio player

<audio id="callAudio" controls></audio>

There is a button on the page (I'm using AngularJS)

<a class="button" ng-click="playerPlay()"><i class="icon ion-play"></i> Play</a>

The controller has

function getPlayer() {
  return document.getElementById('callAudio');
$scope.playerPlay = function() {

Looking at the Chrome develper tools, network tab I can see on the desktop client enter image description here with the details
enter image description here

On the other hand on the Android chrome I get enter image description here With the details
enter image description here

Why is the text red on the Android side, even though the status code is 200?
What is the partial content?

UPDATE Another data point: I have a HTML5 Audio tag pointing to a random web MP3 file and it is playing just fine (on Chrome+Android). But when I point it to the same MP3 stored locally it won't play. I cross tested the same on Android on Win7 and it works fine there.

  • did you find a solution for this? I also have the same problem and I see in the console "200 OK" in red. – Light Oct 22 '14 at 15:26
  • I am getting having this same issue. It looks like it is because the request doesn't send back any data and I am expecting something(using angular the success callback expects data). Honestly I don't know but that is my assumption. Is you request actually returning data? – ruby_newbie Oct 23 '14 at 21:53

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