I am using Word for Mac 2011 and I try to define a custom style which I want to apply on single words or parts of a paragraph among my document. But it seems to me that there is only whole paragraph styles. So if I define my new style, let's say underlined and a yellow background, the whole paragraph is directly set to this style.

Anyone know, how to approach this?


Ok, I just found out:

Select text > Format > Style > New

Then select "Character" instead of "Paragraph" for the option "Style type".


I was looking for the same thing today, but in Word for Windows (Office 365 version)

The solution is the same but the steps towards it are different:

  1. Select the inline text
  2. Open the Styles Pane and press the New Style button (left button on the bottom row)
  3. "Character" is now an option for "Style Type"

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