I downloaded in installed latest emacs and ess 14.09 from All-in-one installation file by Vincent Goulet. And now I can no longer knit my knitr documents. When I press M-n r is says "M-n r is undefined" and I don't see any options under ESS toolbar. I think the mode change - now it is Polymode. On polymode website weavers/exporters/tanglers are all under TODO. Does it mean it is not possible to knit under polymode?

Updates: 1) Make sure R starts in same folder where you knitr files are located (I don't think it mattered before) 2) Command for export is M-n e during first time it will ask you to set up weaver knitR-ESS - worked for me and knitR did not. (M-n W and M-n E allows you to set up weaver/exporter at any time) 3) It will also ask for exporter I use pdflatex. It successfully knited/weaved tex file. However pdf is not created. I receive a message

Exporting 'car_analysis[weaved].tex' with 'pdflatex' exporter ...

and nothing happens. Any other options I am missing? I am on Windows with Miktex installed.


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