I am trying to read an uploaded CSV file and before doing anything with the data I need to check the first header name to be sure it is the correct file. I have been trying to find a way to do it but the reader skips to the second row instead. Is there a direct way of selecting one of the headers and checking its value?


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You can use the CsvReader to get the header row strings as described in this answer:

using (var csv = new CsvReader(reader))
    string[] headerRow = csv.Context.HeaderRecord;
  • Important note on this method is that if you read the HeaderRecord, it seems to push the cursor down a row, which will result in a later call to GetRecords() having 1 fewer rows. To get around this I had to GetRecords().ToList(), then read the csv.HeaderRecord. Everything is fine if you do it like that. Also, if you don't call ToList(), the issue will persist. Mar 11 at 21:19

You can use the parser directly if you want to just check the first row.

var parser = new CsvParser( textReader );
var row = parser.Read();
if( row[0] == "MyColumn" ) { /* do something */ }

If you're using a Stream, you will need to reset it to the beginning if you're going to use it again.


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