currently trying to install node js modules, some of them have installed fine but those that require gihub say npm ERR! fetch failed, such as npm install socket.io gives

npm ERR! fetch failed https://github.com/LearnBoost/node-XMLHttpRequest/archive/0f36d0b5ebc03d85f860d42a64ae9791e1daa433.tar.gz

ws@0.4.31 install /home/robert/node_modules/socket.io/node_modules/engine.io/node_modules/ws (node-gyp rebuild 2> builderror.log) || (exit 0)

make: Entering directory /home/robert/node_modules/socket.io/node_modules/engine.io/node_modules/ws/build' CXX(target) Release/obj.target/bufferutil/src/bufferutil.o SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/bufferutil.node SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/bufferutil.node: Finished COPY Release/bufferutil.node CXX(target) Release/obj.target/validation/src/validation.o SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/validation.node SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/obj.target/validation.node: Finished COPY Release/validation.node make: Leaving directory/home/robert/node_modules/socket.io/node_modules/engine.io/node_modules/ws/build'

and i have run npm config set registry "http://registry.npmjs.org/" and npm config set strict-ssl false

is it possible to install npm updates from zip files? as i can access the failed github urls through firefox and in that way can download them.

I am running behind a proxy but have added it to the npm config file and the apt.conf file so i can apt-get properly or git clone fine, any ideas? im running ubuntu server, 14.04 fully updated


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The problem looks like a problem with your proxy, and how he handel the github access. Pleas use the search function of this site and google, you'll find many related question.

I think this question may help you: git is blocked, how to install npm modules

P.S. https://www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=npm+github+proxy&gws_rd=ssl

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