I want to use pry-debugger gem for understanding others people code (rails mostly).
Usually I call binding.pry, then skip-ing repeatedly and watching code it outputs.
Is there a way to make pry skip rails(and other gems) code and show me only local code in rails app directory?
I`ve tried something like this:

while(_dir_ =~ /.rvm/) do step end
while(_dir_ =~ /.rvm/) do _pry_.eval('step') end
_pry_.eval "while(_dir_ =~ /.rvm/) do _pry_.eval('step') end"

But it didn`t work.


You can't skip Rails code using pry, by default. One way to get around this is to use add breakpoints to jump through different points in your application code.

pry-debugger has a number of break options, eg:

break app/models/user.rb:15    Break at line 15 in user.rb.
break 14                       Break at line 14 in the current file.

Hope this helps!

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