Yesterday I installed both iOS 8 GM on my development iPad and XCode 6 GM on my Mac. Most of my Apps keep workings fine but there is one that I can't install anymore. The same IPA that worked on iOS7 now just doesn't install. I tried both a webpage owned by me where is correctly placed the plist and other images and Diawi. Both ways lead to the same result: when "XXX wants to install APP on your iPad" pop-up and I click OK, nothings happens. Nothing.

There is someone who got through this on iOS 8?


I had the same problem.

Error message on device console:

<Warning>: LoadExternalDownloadManifestOperation: Ignore manifest download, already have bundleID: my.company.testapp

Managed to solve with the help of this comment:


that is in .plist renamed bundle-identifier to some random string.

  • Thanks. I fixed it by installing the official release of yesterday. I couldn't access the device console with iOS 8 GM. – Alberto Schiariti Sep 18 '14 at 13:03
  • I have rename the bundle id as com.comapanyname.qa1 but still get the issue when you reinstall it. so every time for reinstalling app from remote deployment server, we need to rename com.companyname.qa2.. qa3 .. so on. I think it is bug or Apple wants to force us to use testflight? – Wagh Nov 12 '14 at 13:21

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