I want an elegant way to create a new List<int> just by to integers.


var from = 2;
var to = 5;

What I want is this:

List<int> { 2, 3, 4, 5 };

Of course I could do it in a simple loop like this:

var results = new List<int>();
for (var i = from; i <= to; i++)

But I want some kind of more efficient or elegant way.


Sure, use Enumerable.Range:

var results = Enumerable.Range(2, 4).ToList();

Note the 4 here refers to the number of integers to include in the result list. So to create a range specified by from and to variables, use:

var results = Enumerable.Range(from, to - from + 1).ToList();
var results = Enumerable.Range(from,to-from+1);

use Enumerable.Range

var results = Enumerable.Range(from, to - from + 1); // +1 to include last number

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