I'm pretty new to testing and SoapUI and I've just faced a problem: I have 2 soap requests from which I transfer data (using PropertyTransfer) to Properties - I can do that and it works fine for me. But now I would like to take those values in my groovy script (which is next step of my testcase). How to do that? So far, I have found following:


But it doesn't work for me. I guess it's not that Properties. Any tips?

  • what does not work? are there any errors, exceptions, ...? – cfrick Sep 17 '14 at 15:47
  • In my "Properties step" I have a property named SomeProp with a value of "valOfProp". When I use log.info(testRunner.testCase.getPropertyValue("SomeProp")) I'm getting NULL. – Pijotrek Sep 17 '14 at 15:50

In the Groovy script panel you can right-click and select Get Data, to help you out. You will end up with something like this:

context.expand( '${Properties step#SomeProp}' )

Same thing can also be written as:

testRunner.testCase.testSteps['Properties step'].getPropertyValue("SomeProp")
  • The first expression doesn't work. The second one does. Another strange thing is that in my groovy script I can't rightclick->getData. It's just not there. I can do something similar in my soap requests. But not in groovy script. Can you advice with it? (I'm using newest free SoapUI version) – Pijotrek Sep 18 '14 at 7:20
  • @user3447603 The right-click guide is a -Pro only feature, I think. – SiKing Sep 18 '14 at 14:50

The first expression works with:

context.expand( '${Properties_step#SomeProp}' )

Few cents:

if we are loading properties file through external file via -Dsoapui.properties=\tmp.properties

Contents of tmp.properties


ideal way to load the property 'serialNumber' in groovy file would be,

def serialnumber = context.expand('${#serialNumber}')

But if you have a property at any level [test suites, test cases or project] inside your SOAPUI project, say you have it at project level, then it would be

def serialnumber1 = context.expand('${#Project#serialNumber}')

To read property from Project level properties

testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.getPropertyValue( "PropertyName")

To read property from Test Case level properties


Two answers are possible for this type of scenarios ,

Setting and Getting the Property values,

  • Message Exchange
  • Test Runner

Message Exchange :

def testCase=messageExchange.modelItem.testCase.getPropertyValue("Propertyname")

Test Runner:


Note : context also helps to retrieve the same .

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