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Is there a way to query a phone call status with ADB commands?

For instance, I want to see if a phone call is still active while in a phone call or if it is not there (has dropped)

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  • I don't think so....I need to explicitly use ABD commands via command prompt on a PC – Ducksauce88 Sep 17 '14 at 18:31

You could use dumpsys command.

$ adb shell dumpsys telephony.registry

The field mCallState gives the call status:

$ adb shell dumpsys telephony.registry | grep "mCallState"
  1. When in Idle mode:

    $ adb shell dumpsys telephony.registry | grep "mCallState"         
  2. When call is connected:

    $ adb shell dumpsys telephony.registry | grep "mCallState"         
  3. When an incoming call (Phone in ringing mode):

    $ adb shell dumpsys telephony.registry | grep "mCallState\|mCallIncomingNumber"

More information here:

  1. Android TelephonyManager.
  2. TelephonyManager Call States.

Tested on Android v4.4.4

You can get a lot of information using dumpsys.
To see what parameters dumpsys support use adb shell dumpsys | grep "DUMP OF SERVICE".

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