I'm trying to configure but everytime I access domain.mysite.com.br keeps showing me the not found error. www.mysite.com.br is redirecting me correct. Only the subdomain is not.

This is my vesta configurations: This is my vesta configurations

Digital ocean DNS configuration Digital ocean DNS configuration

My ftp is showing the new subdomain folder correctly My ftp is showing the new subdomain folder correctly

Am I configuring Digital Ocean DNS wrong? OBS: My server IP is not, I edited in Photoshop for security.

Sorry, my English is not good.


You can create a subdomain in vesta cp with the following steps :

  • Create DNS Record for your domain (maisrp.com.br) on vestacp menu, the type of record is CNAME that pointed to your droplet IP address. Enter subdomain that you want to add on record section (i.e mysubdomain)

Create DNS Record for your subdomain

  • Add a new domain through Vesta Cp with full address (i.e mysubdomain.maisrp.com.br)

Add new domain

I have tried this, and work


It worked! I just waited for 15 minutes and it worked. I thought it was instantaneous, but its not. Now subdomain.mysite.com.br is working, but www.subdomain.mysite.com.br is not :/ why?

  • Because you need to add A record which point on www.subdomain.mysite.com.br to the same IP address which is used in A record point on subdomain.mysite.com.br. – Pawel Nov 8 '14 at 6:41

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