I have written lots of the queries but I'm struggling with this one.

I get the run-time error 3065 when I run the following sql.

Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim sqlstring As String

Set db = DBEngine(0).Databases(0)

sqlstring = "SELECT ebk.hr_leav_amnt AS hr_clia_hour, ebk.hr_leav_type, ebk.hr_leav_code, ebk.hr_empl_code, ebk.hr_loadg_amt AS hr_loadg_amt, 'Leave Pay' AS hr_provision, mst.hr_paym_code, mst.hr_base_hour, '' AS hr_splt_accr, mst.hr_leav_abbr, ype.hr_norm_pcnt, ype.hr_allw_amnt"
sqlstring = sqlstring + " FROM hrtlvebk AS ebk, hrtlvmst AS mst, hrtptype AS ype"
sqlstring = sqlstring + " WHERE ebk.hr_leav_code Like 'a%' And ebk.hr_leav_code = [mst].[hr_leav_code] And ebk.hr_leav_type Like '1%' And bk.hr_leav_type = [mst].[hr_leav_type] And ebk.hr_recd_type = 'a' And ebk.hr_lbkg_refn = 'ACCRUAL' And ebk.hr_from_dati >= 20140701 And ebk.hr_from_dati <= 20140730 And mst.hr_load_rule <> 'y' And mst.hr_paym_code = [ype].[hr_paym_code]"
sqlstring = sqlstring + " GROUP BY ebk.hr_leav_amnt, ebk.hr_leav_type, ebk.hr_leav_code, ebk.hr_empl_code, ebk.hr_loadg_amt, mst.hr_paym_code, mst.hr_base_hour, mst.hr_leav_abbr, ype.hr_norm_pcnt, ype.hr_allw_amnt"
db.Execute sqlstring, dbFailOnError

When I run statement with Query (SQL) it works fine. The only thing I change is the text in the where clause.. ('a%' - Query it is "a%")

Thank you in advance.


The message is true for SELECT queries you should use Openrecordset to be able to retrieve results of selection. Execute is for 'command' queries that don't return values.

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