Am an intermediate-level swift ios developer , now am developing an app where i need to use epoch time that is generated from Current Date and Time, For that i have tried the following code

var date = NSDate()
var timestamp = (floor(date.timeIntervalSince1970 * 1000))

and getting a Float value some thing like 1411032097112.0.. But in my case i need only the integer part of this result. Is this the best way for achieving this or is there any other best solution?

Thank you

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How about

var timestamp = UInt64(floor(date.timeIntervalSince1970 * 1000))

Edit :

As @MartinR points out in his answer, Int64 will be a better choice than Int due to space constraint in 32 bit devices. UInt64 will be better still, since you are getting a time interval which will always be positive.

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    In this case, time interval will always be positive. In general time interval may be negative. Sep 18, 2014 at 15:36

You can just convert the floating point value to Int64:

let date = NSDate()
let timestamp = Int64(date.timeIntervalSince1970 * 1000.0)
// 1411034055289

You should use Int64 or UInt64 instead of Int because the latter is only 32-bit on 32-bit devices, which is not large enough for the time in milliseconds.

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