New feature in Phpstorm 8 - multiple selection ain't working under Ubuntu 14.04, however, the hotkey ALT+J does work, but i cannot multiple select using ALT+Mouse left click, i have checked the keymap

Add or Remove caret is set to ALT+Button1 Click

Which seems okay. When i try to hold ALT and left click - nothing happens, i guess it's ubuntu related.

  • Yes, it's Ubuntu related -- askubuntu.com/questions/151252/… or similar – LazyOne Sep 18 '14 at 12:09
  • If you do not want to remove such shortcut from Ubuntu .. just change shortcut in PhpStorm – LazyOne Sep 18 '14 at 12:13
  • Which combination is safe to use? – Alexander Kim Sep 18 '14 at 12:18
  • No idea, sorry -- I'm not Ubuntu/Linux user. Here on Windows Alt+Click does the job for me and I have not thought about any other shortcut for it. – LazyOne Sep 18 '14 at 12:26

I know this is old, but for anyone else that comes here if you don't want to remap it, you can hit cmd(win key)+alt+click, it won't be recognized as a move operation but phpstorm will just register the alt+ button 1 click.

  • This worked for me, to find the keybind, search for : Add or Remove Caret – Maarten Jul 27 '16 at 13:22
  • You also need to use Shift+Alt+Win+Click if you want Shift+Alt+Click bound – Maarten Jul 27 '16 at 13:27
  • Thank you so much for this! – iKode Jan 29 '18 at 16:57

I had the same issue on Ubuntu. A workaround is to change the keymap to something else - for some reason Alt+Click is not being detected.

I changed mine to Alt+Shift+Click and it is working fine.


This happens because Ubuntu, GNU/Linux based distros in general, uses the Alt + Click shortcut to move Windows from any location of the window, in contrast to Windows OS, when you can only move a window from it's title bar.

So when you hit Alt + Click in any window on Ubuntu, including PhpStorm's, the OS recognized it as a move operation.


I'm using Ubuntu Gnome, I solved this problem by disabling the window action key in Gnome Tweaks in Windows tab


The other way around is to change Ubuntu's shortcut for alt + button 1.

  • Open ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager)
  • Go into "Window management" and then "Move your windows around"
  • Find a setting whose label is something like "Start moving the window". Should be the first one.
  • Assign whatever fits your needs

Tried in 16.04.


on MACos, Command+Alt+Shift+click work


Go to File > Settings > Keymap, then enter selection in the input search, then find Select all Ocurrence, then click right and select Add keyboard shortcut and select the combination that you wish, then accept changes and the OK.


Ubuntu 16.04 running PHPStorm 2018.1 the command will be CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Click


I love the @Dstum workaround.

Here it is another one I came across without remapping:

Click + Alt + Drag

Lovely simple, although it doesn't work for multiple clicks..

EDIT Just in case: this is not the same as Alt + Click !!

  • I keep using this alternative trick under ubuntu+PhpStorm10. – daVe Feb 11 '17 at 20:29

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