I am trying to have a span element show some $scope variable only if it is not null or empty.

I know i can accomplish this with only ng-model, but i don't understand they this won't work:

<span ng-show="x !== null" ng-model="x"></span>

or something similar to this.

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    <span ng-show="x !== null" ></span> should work. no need to use ng-model Commented Sep 18, 2014 at 12:44

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ng-model is for two-way binding (as @MK Safi said above), which means its for elements that both display values and allow users to change those values. Probably not a <span/>...

If you're just looking to show the value of the model in the span, use ng-bind or expression syntax - {{ x }}

This way, ng-show should work properly to add the relevant CSS styles as x changes.


<span ng-bind="x" ng-show="x !== null"></span>


<span ng-show="x !== null">{{ x }}</span>

ng-model is used mostly for input, textarea, and select elements. It's not used on span, div, or p elements, etc.

From Angular documentation on ngModel

The ngModel directive binds an input,select, textarea (or custom form control) to a property on the scope using NgModelController, which is created and exposed by this directive.

  • Generally speaking, yes, it can't work. ngModel is for establishing two-way data binding between user input and JavaScript object. In your span, where's the user input? What are you trying to establish two-way data binding with?
    – M.K. Safi
    Commented Sep 18, 2014 at 12:45

Yes, as MK Safi says ng-model is only used to bind inupts to $scope variables. This should work though:

<span ng-show="x !== null">{{ x }}</span>

Just use the templating engine to display the value in $scope.x

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