I compiling for QNX, ARM, My Host platform can be Win32/64 , Linux or Mac I want to find a way to see wheat is my host platform in my PRO file (on computer I building my project)

Apparently using:

win32 {}
unix {}
macx {}

does not work because on different OSes it will always report unix, so I assume this is target platform So what is the way to obtain current host platform to make PRO file flexible because on different platform I would like to do different things.

Thank you

  • Those are for the target, which is QNX/ARM. You can look at the HOST variables in configuring Qmake. I don't know if the project files have conditional syntax for the host OS like you show for the target. Try message(Host: $$[QT_HOST_PREFIX]) for example. Btw, I guess tag qt5 is relevant or are you on Qt4? – artless noise Sep 18 '14 at 17:10
  • Sure it one of the options! I think $$[QMAKE_SPEC] would be a bit better in my case. – xchg.ca Sep 23 '14 at 20:44

Maybe QMAKE_HOST variable is the answer to your question?

Here's information from official Qt documentation:


Provides information about the host machine running qmake. For example, you can retrieve the host machine architecture from QMAKE_HOST.arch.

  • .arch - Host architecture
  • .os - Host OS
  • .cpu_count - Number of available cpus
  • .name - Host computer name
  • .version - Host OS version number
  • .version_string - Host OS version string

win32-g++:contains(QMAKE_HOST.arch, x86_64):{ message("Host is 64bit") ... }


Could not get anything better then:


    IS_WIN = 1

    IS_MAC = 1

    IS_LINUX = 1

and then anywhere to check:


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