How can I set the user context with the sentry raven-java client?

I've tried adding a user_email tag, and adding user_email to the MDC. They both work as expecting, with the tag going to tags, and MDC going to additional data, but neither sets the sentry user context.

I also use sentry with javascript, and with raven-js, this works great:

    email: '',
    id: ''

Is there a java equivalent?


Seems can't send user information directly by logback. You can look at the implementation from raven-java:

protected Event buildEvent(ILoggingEvent iLoggingEvent) {
    EventBuilder eventBuilder = new EventBuilder()
            .withTimestamp(new Date(iLoggingEvent.getTimeStamp()))
            .withExtra(THREAD_NAME, iLoggingEvent.getThreadName());

User info is send by: withSentryInterface(new UserInterface(...)), however what I see this implement only contains code for: StackTraceInterface and MessageInterface. I think you can add one by your self.


from https://github.com/getsentry/raven-java/tree/master/raven-log4j#mapped-tags :

set map tags in the appender:


and set the MDC in runtime:

void logWithExtras() {
    // MDC extras
    MDC.put("User", "test user");
    MDC.put("OS", "Linux");

    // This adds a message with extras and MDC keys declared in mappedTags as tags to Sentry
    logger.info("This is a test");
  • How do we pass user id, username, email so it works the same way as the client? – Adam Lane Oct 5 '16 at 18:08

If still interested, run this on startup (assuming "userid" and "ip" are set on the MDC):

Raven.getStoredInstance().addBuilderHelper(eventBuilder -> {
  UserInterface userInterface = new UserInterface(MDC.get("userid"), null, MDC.get("ip"), null);

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