How to hide 'System > Control Panel', 'Components', 'Help' these 3 menu items in joomla3? Sorry not enough reputation to post image. =.= Certain user groups do not need to access/view these. I have hide the rest such as 'Users', 'Menus', 'Contents', 'Extensions' but can't hide these.


Removing help item could easily done from:

Extensions -> Module Manager -> Administrator -> Admin Menu -> Advanced -> Help Menu: Hide

For the rest of the menu items you have to make an override to the admin menu module.

You have to download:


And copy to:


You have to check if active user is not to the level that you don't want to show the menu item (id: 18) in our example. So for control panel item you have to change:

$menu->addChild(new JMenuNode(JText::_('MOD_MENU_CONTROL_PANEL'), 'index.php', 'class:cpanel'));


if(!in_array(18, $user->groups)){
$menu->addChild(new JMenuNode(JText::_('MOD_MENU_CONTROL_PANEL'), 'index.php', 'class:cpanel'));

And for components menu you have to find:

if ($components)

And change to:

if ($components && !in_array(18, $user->groups))

Good Luck!

  • Is there any way to change it without change the php?
    – mmm
    Sep 19 '14 at 8:36
  • 1
    Unfortunately no, this is the only solution but uses template override so you won't have problem updating your joomla installation.
    – emmanuel
    Sep 21 '14 at 8:10
  • @mmm: take a look at this out-of-box solution foobla.com/joomla-goodies/admin-menu-hider, no code touch.
    – Thong Tran
    Dec 22 '14 at 9:30

Log into your back-end using a username that has Super Administrator privileges

Set to new user - Publisher group (or any other except Administrator/Supper Administrator )
Edit access rights in System -> Global Configuration -> Permissions
Site Login
Admin Login
Offline Access
Super User
Access Administration Interface

help menu:
Go to the Module Manager
Choose Administrator from the dropdown (Site/Administrator)
Choose the module "Admin Menu" and Edit
In Advanced menu choose "Help Menu" value -> Hide

  • Hi! How about to hide 'System'? There are 'Control Panel', 'Clear Cache', 'Purge Expired Cache' in 'System'. Btw, able to hide the Help menu! Thanks.
    – mmm
    Sep 19 '14 at 8:35

You can use the built in override creation:

  1. goto Template Manager
  2. Click on Templates
  3. Click on Template name. In my case "Isis"
  4. Click on Create Overrides
  5. Click on "mod_menu"

Now those files will be available via FTP here: public_html/administrator/templates/isis/html/mod_menu


Open the file administrator/modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default_enabled.php from whichever template you are using for administrative area (for instance, mine is IsIs).

Find the following block of code

 * Help Submenu
if ($showhelp == 1)

And change the if condition ($showhelp == 1) to $showhelp == 0 and the help menu disappears.

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