Is there a way to get the previous page location before going to the next page in IronRouter?

Is there an event I can use to fetch this information?

Thanks in advance.


You can achieve the behavior you want by using hooks.

// onStop hook is executed whenever we LEAVE a route
  // register the previous route location in a session variable

// onBeforeAction is executed before actually going to a new route
  // fetch the previous route
  var previousLocationPath=Session.get("previousLocationPath");
  // if we're coming from the home route, redirect to contact
  // this is silly, just an example
  // else continue to the regular route we were heading to

EDIT : this is using iron:router@1.0.0-pre1


Since Iron Router uses the usual History API, you can just use the plain JS method:




Edit: or to check the previous path without following it:


  • document.referrer will give you only the initial location where you're coming from, it's not updated by the HTML5 history API. – saimeunt Sep 19 '14 at 9:41
  • This method has issue with sAlert, in case if you want to preserve the message for next route – Kostanos Sep 30 '15 at 19:18
  • this method also does a postback – WtFudgE May 30 '16 at 18:11

Apologies for bumping an old thread but good to keep these things up to date saimeunt's answer above is now deprecated as this.location.path no longer exists in Iron Router so should resemble something like the below:

Router.onStop(function(){ Session.set("previousLocationPath",this.originalUrl || this.url); });

Or if you have session JSON installed (see Session JSON)

Router.onStop(function(){ Session.setJSON("previousLocationPath",{originalUrl:this.originalUrl, params:{hash:this.params.hash, query:this.params.query}}); });

Only caveats with thisis that first page will always populate url fields (this.url and this.originalUrl there seems to be no difference between them) with full url (http://...) whilst every subsequent page only logs the relative domain i.e. /home without the root url unsure if this is intended behaviour or not from IR but it is currently a helpful way of determining if this was a first page load or not

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