I'm looking for a way to check which files are present in a remote directory i want to access via ssh or similar and write the filenames into an array.

So far I had no luck. unix rsync has an -n flag which can print every file which is present at the destinated location, but I don't get how to use the rsync-output in grunt.


Here's how you might do it via sftp with ssh2:

var SSH2 = require('ssh2');

var conn = new SSH2();
conn.on('ready', function() {
  conn.sftp(function(err, sftp) {
    if (err) throw err;
    sftp.readdir('/tmp', function(err, list) {
      if (err) throw err;
  host: '',
  port: 22,
  username: 'frylock',
  // password: 'foobarbaz',
  privateKey: require('fs').readFileSync('/here/is/my/key')

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