Is there a substitute in emacs for the vi "gf" command? meaning try to open the file which is under the cursor right now if a real file name is in fact there.



You want the find-file-at-point function (which is also aliased to ffap). It's not bound to a key by default, but you can use

M-x ffap

Or, you can put in your .emacs file:


This will replace many of the normal find-file key bindings (like C-x C-f) with ffap-based versions. See the commentary in ffap.el for details.

  • thanks cjm! nice emacs howto of the day! I can open another batch file called from my main batch file. I guest it must be easily work for C/C++ include. Altough, I don't think it can open the right Java Class :) – swdev Jan 20 '11 at 15:42
  • i have not tested it, and i know, that this discussion is pretty old, but i just found this: You can open a Java source file or directory from the import statement in Java. The location of the source must be known to work via ffap-java/source-directories. The source should be either a directory name that contains the sources, or a jar archive name that contains the sources. Download the source here. – cinsk (Source: emacswiki.org/emacs/FindFileAtPoint) – linluk May 4 '16 at 18:20

Thanks, it works quite well but somehow the vi (gf) version is still somewhat smarter. I think it looks at some path variable for search paths.

I made something which is needlessly complicated but works for me (only in linux). It uses the "locate" command to search for the path under the cursor. I guess it could be made smarter by searching the relative path to the current file first. sorry for my bad elisp skills...It can probably be achieved in a much nicer way.

put in your .emacs, then use with M-x goto-file

(defun shell-command-to-string (command)
  "Execute shell command COMMAND and return its output as a string."
    (with-current-buffer standard-output
      (call-process shell-file-name nil t nil shell-command-switch command))))

(defun goto-file ()
  "open file under cursor"
  (find-file (shell-command-to-string (concat "locate " (current-word) "|head -c -1" )) ))
  • 2
    My Emacs already has shell-command-to-string defined in simple.el – cjm Nov 4 '08 at 18:05

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