My server is running Apache under Arch Linux. I was running server for one domain then I bought new domain yesterday and I wanted to create virtual hosts for each domains. I have followed this arch linux LAMP tutorial and created vhosts folder and two separate text files for each domain. I have included them in the last line of httpd.conf. Restarted the server and both domains gives me 403.

I double-checked permissions in httpd.conf and my filesystem. Both of my Document Roots has permission of 777 in filesystem and "Require all granted" in vhost config file. I have looked at error and access logs that is generated at each document roots and they are empty. I can't seem to figure what's the problem. I'm pretty sure it's not the filesystem permissions. I think perhaps httpd.conf or vhost files are missing something?

Config Files httpd.conf

vhost of mybusiness.net (named changed for privacy)

other vhost is similar to mybusiness.net. I would post link here but stackoverflow wont allow me to post more than two links.

My first domain is located at /home/public_html and my second domain is located at my own directory, /home/tom/http/tomawebsite

My hosts file:

#<ip-address>   <hostname.domain.org>   <hostname>   localhost.localdomain   localhost   amaranth
::1     localhost.localdomain   localhost   mybusiness.net   tomawebsite.com
# End of file

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