Can any one give me a simple example on how to use onRoute in Marionette?


As per the docs you yourself link to (can be hard to spot that little paragraph at the very end of the page!), onRoute is a method that, if you add it to any Marionette.AppRouter, will be called ‘whenever a user navigates within your app’.

The method’s arguments are as follows:

  1. The router method attached to the route (via the routes hash), for instance showArticle
  2. This one’s supposed to be the URL path, but for some reason, it’s mostly undefined here
  3. An array of URL fragments, usually the article ID, to continue with the article example.

Whatever you use this for is entirely up to you, but I can’t come up with any useful examples right now. I’ve used Backbone.Router’s execute method a lot though, which executes before the route’s handler is called, making it more useful in a lot of cases. It’s available in Marionette.AppRouter as that just extends Backbone.Router.

var Router = Marionette.AppRouter.extend(
    routes: {
        'article/:id(/)': 'showArticle'

    showArticle: function(id)
        // ...

    onRoute: function(name, path, arguments)
        // What fun stuff should we put here?
        // Keep a session alive somehow?
        // Add analytics/tracking?
  • You saved my day with this "execute" remark! For some reason I forgot that Marionette router is an extension of Backbone's one. "execute" is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! – Vadim Chumel Jun 18 '15 at 9:35

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