My plot is showing values on the y-axis in the form of e notation. Which command should I use to get the values in the numeric form. The values in the file used are in the numeric form? Thanks

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    What is "e notation"? Scientific notation? You can turn it off with options(scipen = 999) and back on again with options(scipen = 0) – Rich Scriven Sep 20 '14 at 6:43

To set the use of scientific notation in your entire R session, you can use the scipen option. From the documentation (?options):

‘scipen’: integer.  A penalty to be applied when deciding to print
          numeric values in fixed or exponential notation.  Positive
          values bias towards fixed and negative towards scientific
          notation: fixed notation will be preferred unless it is more
          than ‘scipen’ digits wider.

So in essence this value determines how likely it is that scientific notation will be triggered. So to prevent scientific notation, simply use a large positive value like 999:

  • but this adds many traling zeros when doing something like unlist – brucezepplin Feb 20 '18 at 15:41

Try format function:

> xx = 100000000000
> xx
[1] 1e+11
> format(xx, scientific=F)
[1] "100000000000"

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