I just had to re-clone a .git repository for one of my projects in Zend Studio 11, and now every time I switch branches in the repository, I get an error in Zend telling me "An internal error occurred during: Detecting Library Folders".

It seems as though one of the Zend settings files has been deleted or something.

Any idea how to restore this file, or fix this error?

An internal error occurred during: "Detecting library folders".
Preference node "org.eclipse.wst.validation" has been removed.

enter image description here


I figured out the solution. As it turns out I was on the right track. Zend creates a hidden folder called .settings when you create a project.

For some reason, although it was included in the .gitignore file, it was deleted when switching between branches and resetting the base at one time.

I had tried removing the entire database and re-cloning earlier but that did not work. The reason was due to the .project (also Zend created project file) file being committed into the repository, and when re-cloned, Zend saw that file and assumed it was an existing project.

I had to remove the .project file completely as well.


I ended up deleting the project from zend and re-creating it. It solved the problem.

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