What is the active Record way of adding IN condition to an active Query in yii 1.x you could use CDbCriteria like this

$cr = new CDbCriteria();
$cr->addNotInCondition('attribute', $array);

There seem to be no equivalent API call in yii2 active record implementation, how to do this via active record ?


Well all query operands seems now merged within in yii\db\QueryInterface::Where() per documentation an In condition can now be added using something like

$query = MyModel::find()->where(['attribute'=>$array]);

for a not In condition it is slightly different format

$query = MyModel::find()->where(['not in','attribute',$array]);
$query = MyModel::findAll(['not in ','attribute',$array]);


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For numbers:

$query = MyModel::find()->where('NOT IN('.implode(',', $array).')');

For strings

$deleteContracts = Contract::find()
        'session_id' => $session_id,
        'status' => Contract::STATUS_COMPLETED
    ->andWhere(['not in', 'contract_id', $contracts])

For me the only working solution was :

$query = MyModel::find()->where('`your-attribute` NOT IN(' . implode(',', $array) . ')')->all();

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