Why the NamedIndexRepository in Spring Data Neo4j 3.1.x is depricated ? Is there any way to create __types__ index to create cypher query like this:

Start root=node:__types__(className="a.b.c.XYZ") return root

Seems its no longer supported in new SDN. Any otherway around to achieve this ?

This link show that we can choose to use legacy index strategy. Thanks stefan and tstorm. Now again question arises, is there any performance issue if not using typical __types__(className="") what if I use like this: Start root=node(*).... ?


Neo4j added the notion of labels back in 2.0. Labels are the recommended way to group certain nodes, aka nodes having the same class. For details check out the blog post at http://neo4j.com/blog/spring-data-neo4j-progress-update-sdn-3-neo4j-2/.


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