int SUM[100]= {    0,1,5,2,8,3,9,2,8,7,7,

If I remove "100" and put "int SUM[]", everything works fine.. Why?

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    Reread the error message. It's accurate. – chris Sep 21 '14 at 14:50
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Because 101 numbers don't fit into a 100 element array.

int SUM[100]; means that the array has exactly 100 elements, indexed from 0 to 99. It does not mean that 100 is the last valid index! That seems to be a common misconception among beginners.

I always remember it this way: There are 10 digits, namely 0 to 9. But there is no digit 10 :)

int SUM[X];

This syntax means you have array with X size.

int SUM[] = {1,2};

This syntax automatically calculate the array size with the number of elements used to initialize it, e.g in above example SUM size is 2.

In your problem when you provide 100 you are saying allocate array for 100 elements, and when you doesn't provide any number it will automatically compute the elements count and allocate the array size accordingly. If you calculating elements you are using to fill the array are 101 so to store these many elements you will required array of size 101. So either declare SUM[101] or leave it empty to auto detection of array size.

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