I'm using LibGDX and I want to load skin in AssetManager.

Previously I use this code for loading skin , but now I want to load skin (with atlas images) in my assets class using assetmanager. Here is my old code:

    gameUIAtlas = new TextureAtlas("images/game_ui.pack");
    gameUISkin = new Skin(Gdx.files.internal("ui/game_ui.json"), gameUIAtlas);

How I try to load skin, but I don't know how to assign atlas(images) to this skin

    assetManager.load(""ui/game_ui.json", Skin.class);
    Skin skin = assetManager.get("ui/game_ui.json");

I receive this error : Asset not loaded: ui/game_ui.json

Can someone help me with this ?


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load(..) doesn't actually load the asset, it just queues it for loading. You need to call finishLoading() first or consecutively call update():

    Gdx.app.log("loading", (assetManager.getProgress() * 100) + " %");

See the wiki for more information.

  • thanks for your answer. Yes I call this two methods. I don't know how to assign images that are stored in images/game_ui.pack with ui/game_ui.json file. In assetmanager I call only json file.How can I tell that images used in .json file are in game_ui.pack ?
    – Jovan
    Sep 22, 2014 at 20:07
  • 1
    You have two possibilities: Use assetManager.load("ui/game_ui.json", Skin.class, new SkinParameter("images/game_ui.pack")); or rename images/game_ui.pack to ui/game_ui.atlas.
    – dermetfan
    Sep 24, 2014 at 1:46

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