Why does this not work:

command = "source InitVariables.sh ; run_simnogui"
r = subprocess.call(command, shell=True,executable='/bin/bash') 


/bin/bash: run_simnogui: command not found

I use this script everywhere and it works, it defines run_simnogui as an alias and it should then be available in the subprocess...?


The problem is that the shell receives the following text as a single command line:

source InitVariables.sh ; run_simnogui

Alias expansion is performed before any of the input is executed, so run_simnogui is not yet defined when it needs to be expanded. Once the line is expanded, the shell is only looking for a built-in command named run_simnogui or such a command in your path, and so it fails.

The solution, as is almost always the case with aliases, is to use a shell function instead. Define run_simnogui as a function in InitVariables.sh:

run_simnogui () {
    # Put body here

Now when you call subprocess.call, the lookup for run_simnogui will succeed because a function by that name is defined by the previous source command.

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