Is there Java ready-to-use tool, that would help me expose folder content as file server over HTTP.

Example, if I have


Then starting in D:\Folder\ java java-file-server.jar I could access file via


There are of course Tomcat & Jetty but they need to be preinstalled, while I assume that only Java VM is present.
In Python & Node.js there are some commands to launch server, while the only close thing I know in Java is mvn tomcat8:run (or mvn jetyy:run), but that needs Maven, pom.xml and existing Java project.

The main requirement is that such server is installed and started via script.

  • Well you can embed jetty in your project. – Alexandre Lavoie Sep 23 '14 at 8:52

Alas no. One can write one in Java, or as you have already noted download tools. However unlike Python there is not a simple one liner supplied for us by the core JDK library.

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