I want to use google Map Api and draw direction between two points. My map is partially covered by a gray box in which some text might be shown. The problem is occurred when distance of the two points is too far and one point is covered by the gray box.

How can I force it to draw the path in a way that whole the path is is shown on the right side of the gray box and none of the points is overlapped by the gray box?

What I currently have:

enter image description here

What I expect:

enter image description here


Since I saw already a few questions on SO about offsetting stuff that would appear behind elements overlaid on the map, I thought I'd give it a bit of time.

Here is how I did it:

  1. Plot a route on the map and listen for the map idle event before starting with the offset process.

  2. Check the leftmost point of the route bounds to see if it falls behind the overlay. This makes use of the fromLatLngToPoint() method to translate from lat/lng coordinates to a point on the map projection.

  3. Check how much you can offset the route by comparing the leftmost and rightmost points of the route with the available space on the map. Offset the map until both points fit on the map canvas.

  4. If both points cannot fit within the map canvas, zoom out and start the same process again.

  5. The script must be aware of the width of the overlay and you should apply some margins so that it always fits well.

Here is the function used to translate between coordinates and point:

function fromLatLngToPoint(latLng) {

    var scale = Math.pow(2, map.getZoom());
    var nw = new google.maps.LatLng(map.getBounds().getNorthEast().lat(), map.getBounds().getSouthWest().lng());
    var worldCoordinateNW = map.getProjection().fromLatLngToPoint(nw);
    var worldCoordinate = map.getProjection().fromLatLngToPoint(latLng);

    return new google.maps.Point(Math.floor((worldCoordinate.x - worldCoordinateNW.x) * scale), Math.floor((worldCoordinate.y - worldCoordinateNW.y) * scale));

Here is the demo:

JSFiddle demo

I am sure it can still be optimized but it does the job quite well. Please report issues here if you find any.


The same technique works with markers too:

JSFiddle demo

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