I want write a recipe in yocto to build my custom component. In that i would like to enable some flags according to machine.


if machine is x86

my configure command should be like :

./configure --enable-x86

if it is x64

./configure --enable-x64

i am using auto tools for building. please help me in writing recipe as well as "configure.ac" for achieving this.

ps: I am very new to yocto.


You can provide the configure options using EXTRA_OECONF. Here, you can also append values to it based on your architecture.


You can do this only if your architecture (x86/x64) is defined as aprt of OVERRIDE value. Let us see what OVERRIDE value is:

The Yocto bitbake configuration values are defined in poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf. In that file, there is a variable called OVERRIDE. The sample value for OVERRIDE in bitbake configuration is shown below:


When you run bitbake -e and gather the output, the value for OVERRIDE translates into based on your configuration.


In your setup, if you can see x86/x64 as part of OVERRIDE value then you can define configure options as described earlier.

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