I have windows server 2012 and I have installed the IIS 8.5 but I could not see the URL rewrite module. How can I enable or install?


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Download it from here:


or if you already have Web Platform Installer on your machine you can install it from there.

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    And don't forget to close and reopen the IIS Manager. After the installation the new icon is only visible, after reopening. (refresh won't work)
    – Fabian
    Commented May 5, 2015 at 9:35
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    From experience: sometimes you need to uninstall it (Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program in the control panel) and then install it again to get it to work. Don't know why it wasn't working, but this fixed it for me.
    – Jo.
    Commented Apr 7, 2016 at 17:59
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    Is it any way to script this?
    – Laurence
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 14:13
  • do you mean the installation? launch CMD/promt with "Run as administrator", then type msiexec /I rewrite_2.0_rtw_x64.msi Commented Mar 25, 2020 at 17:08
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    i have about 40 hours into this (very embarrassed) Uninstall / reinstall as Jo said worked--no clue why. Commented Jul 7, 2021 at 3:32

Worth mentioning: you should download the x64 version!

From the main download page (https://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/url-rewrite) click "additional downloads" (under the main download button) and download the x64 version (because for some reason - the default download version is x86)

  • First, install the URL Rewrite from a download or from the Web Platform Installer.
  • Second, restart IIS.
  • And, finally, close IIS and open again.

The last step worked for me.


Thought I'd give a full answer combining some of the possible intricacies required for completeness.

  1. Check if you have 32-bit or 64-bit IIS installed:
    • Go to IIS Manager → Application Pools, choose the appropriate app pool then Advanced Settings.
    • Check the setting "Enable 32-bit Applications". If that's true, that means the worker process is forced to run in 32-bit. If the setting is false, then the app pool is running in 64-bit mode.
    • You can also open up Task Manager and check w3wp.exe. If it's showing as w3wp*32.exe then it's 32-bit.
  2. Download the appropriate version here: https://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/url-rewrite#additionalDownloads.
  3. Install it.
  4. Close and reopen IIS Manager to ensure the URL Rewrite module appears.

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